Crisis Call is your secret power.

No apps, no downloads, no installs.

Crisis Call is an automated Panic Button Service that allows you to alert multiple people simultaneously in a crisis. 

A Crisis is a crucial stage or turning point in a sequence of events, where action may lead either towards better or worse.

...Crisis Call wants better for you.

“Mom, are you busy?”

You are a modern & industrious woman; you delicately balance your Family, Professional and Social life.

In the event that your attention is needed immediately, Crisis Call will give a designated alert to you, notifying you, that the call you’re missing is important.

It can be something mild, like the Nanny needs to notify you about Baby’s wellbeing or something serious like your daughter being stranded in a scary location.

In these moments, action is everything - choose Crisis Call to be your family's helping hand.

“Mom, I need your help!”

Teenage years are adventurous; teens want to go out with friends, see the movies and visit new friends in new areas. They grow up so fast...

Once every while, life gets tricky; the taxi may drop Joy in the wrong location; or Joy’s transport fare got lost and now she’s stranded.

With Crisis Call your teeny bundle of Joy can send multiple alerts to Mom, Dad, Gogo, Malume and Auntiza with just one click.

Here's to more joyous & safe moments together.

Yo' Mama is
so smart...

She got Crisis Call for the whole family. It's so simple even GranPop uses it.

Simply sign up, allocate your responders in our easy to use customer portal, and use the service. No WiFi, no Data, no problem. 

Here's an easy to follow  tutorial from our happy client Rebecca.

Its simple, here's how:

1. Sign-up

A simple sign up process. Secure payments. Peace of mind in under 5 minutes

2. Allocate Responders

Plan ahead and determine who gets called when the need arises. Add up to 10 Responders.

3. Use the System

Turn any phone into a Panic Button. No accessories, no App. It's simple and convenient. Start today.

Simple, Convenient and Effective. No extra Fees, No added Accessories, No App.
Why wait? Secure yourself and your family today. 

One call, multiple responders.

That one friend who protects the whole squad.

If you can’t name that friend, you’re probably that friend! Crisis Call has got you covered.

You're the Protector; the shield that guards the realm of friends; we see you. We appreciate you.

If trouble occurs, the friend can issue a Crisis Alert that will notify you & the squad who is in crisis and you can easily call them and assist.

We are all some kind of friend; the one who disappears at the party after a little too much “Na Enjoyment”;  the one who randomly makes new friends everywhere they go.

With Crisis Call you are free & safe to friend like you want.

Are you Free or
are you Dom?

Freedom to explore the great outdoors; freedom to go anywhere anytime; freedom to work and work out; Freedom!

A sprained ankle while running, or maybe you finished your food on the hiking trail, maybe you’re scared of the dark or you’re trapped in a cave, Crisis Call is here for the save.

Don’t be captive to circumstance; wherever you may go, take Crisis Call with you and you’ll be able to reach your loved ones especially if you need them, or if they need you.

Sing it loud, sing it proud, sing it safely, with Crisis Call.

No Smartphone?
No Problem!

The Crisis Call System works on any phone - fixed line or mobile - and it does not need to be a smartphone.

One call, multiple responders, less risk of that call not being answered.

Improved peace of mind – what is it worth to you?

Unique Benefits:

Non-App Service

Crisis Call is not an App, it is a call-based system. No complicated installs. No time wasted in finding the app in a crisis.

Speed Dial Function

Store Crisis Call as a speed dial on your handset and the system automatically dials everyone on your responders list simultaneously.

Call & SMS

All your responders receive a call and SMS, alerting them of your Crisis. Easily differentiate a “Crisis Call” from an ordinary call.

Quick Response

This technology speeds up the process and increases the chances that your call will be answered quickly.

Offline System

No internet connection required. The Crisis Call system is call based and works anywhere.


Crisis Call uses call amplification and has no need for smart devices. No need for data or Wifi.

No wearables

No risk of accidental pressing or false alarms; you only need your phone. Simple and effective.

Change Responders

You have the ability to change responders at any time. The changes are immediate.

Customers love our service:

No long-term commitments, cancel at any time

For the individual

No hidden charges, no extra fees. All VAT Included.

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    One call, multiple responders. Simple, Convenient and Effective. No extra Fees, No added Accessories, No App.
    Why wait? Secure your yourself and your family today. 

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